What happens when Allen hosts IVY privately at The Magic Castle?

Gittelson’s show did not disappoint.

Round after round, members were in awe.

One IVY Member reacted by saying, “There is absolutely no way on earth that he could have known that in advance!”

It made us feel as if, just maybe, this life is more magical than we may believe.

Learn from Allen Gittelson, Hypnotist and Mind Reader at LA’s Secretive Magic Castle.

In an exclusive IVY Magazine interview, Allen unravels his unconventional career path and why he chose to become a professional, professorial hypnotist and mind reader. He offers advice for anyone considering taking the leap to pursue their own creative passion.

Allen in The Ultimate Holiday Party Song Video by Earle Monroe (Produced & Directed by Arianna Ortiz)

Allen Gittelson’s power of suggestion in comedy club (Photo: Erik Castro/The Press Democrat)

Allen Gittelson in Press Democrat “Stand-up comedy on the rise in Sonoma County”
Allen Gittelson with audience members (Photo: Erik Castro/The Press Democrat)

Allen Gittelson revealing thoughts (Photo: Erik Castro/The Press Democrat)

Press Democrat article “Stand-up comedy on the rise in Sonoma County”
Allen Gittelson revealing the person audience member Sheila Peterson was thinking of.(Photo: Erik Castro/The Press Democrat)

“The anti-David Copperfield” is “Recommended” by StarkSilverCreek Review

StarkSilverCreek’s Review of The Secret Language by Clinton Stark, Editor-in-Chief:

Allen Gittelson, star of this one man, part hypnotist, part psychic show is best described as the anti-David Copperfield. Thankfully, his show doesn’t feature slick music and production values, or long wind-blown hair, or super models, or flying cars, or even illusions that always work. Call it magic unplugged. Admittedly, I’m not good with new languages; So when he was unable to “read” me during an on-stage number resembling a scene out of The Dead Zone starring Christopher Walken, I was, of course, not surprised and immediately confessed, “This is not the first time I’ve screwed up on stage.” My favorite was his opening bit involving the power of suggestion and the audience, which I won’t give away here. Neat stuff. I could easily see the technique he uses later to read audience members’ minds. It was very obvious–but I’m not sure if anyone else could tell? Other tricks completely stumped me. Some of his bits involve matters of psychology or real science, which I enjoyed. It’s an enjoyable show. Recommended.